Colombian Jargon Survival Hints And Tips. Considered one of simple favourite region in Latin The usa, this Colombian slang tips will help you fit in.

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September 24, 2021
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September 24, 2021

Colombian Jargon Survival Hints And Tips. Considered one of simple favourite region in Latin The usa, this Colombian slang tips will help you fit in.

The next day would be the last day of your two week charge in Colombia and I’m moving forward.

Initially when I first arrived in Colombia I happened to be most discouraged because We possibly could maybe not read Colombians. Colombian jargon has its own number expression and jargon.

I had beenn’t positive that it has been because they comprise mumbling, talking rapidly or a mix of each.

Colombia was a nation with thousands of people and several accessories throughout.

This lends alone to numerous different text getting taken across the nation. Underneath, are among the preferred Colombian slang keywords, Colombian slang insults and Colombian slang hi ordinarily.

Dining table of information

Important Colombian Jargon

Another thing I did recognize usually there’s an incredible quantity of expressions that I did not comprehend:


Listo actually ways ‘ready’ but its additionally utilized if a thing is smart or awesome or acceptable.

We hear this more than once one day however when I for starters arrived I thought individuals were often wondering myself easily was actually ready.


With delicious aguardiente because tasty Colombian beverages really way too very easy to become hungover.

In Mexico they think of it as crudo, consequently natural. Although Colombian Spanish for hangover happens to be guayabo.

Instance: Este guayabo myself va a matar…(EN) This hangover will probably eliminate me personally.


That’s correct, this English statement is employed much in Colombia and is used to relate to men, a youngster or a toddler.

Sample: Este people es muy buena persona (This dude is a really good individual).

a los angeles orden

Colombians are incredibly courteous and there’s a feeling of ritual as part of the talk.

People helping a person, from a taxi drivers to a store worker will state this for your requirements. They literally implies ‘to purchase’ it is even more very much like ‘at the service’.

I did not fully grasp this one whatsoever, particularly when i might complain to minicab individuals which they comprise getting me too a lot therefore answered with this specific term which really implied become belonging to the taxi gringa.


This really is put a great deal in Colombia and concerns any time you thinks pleased or comfortable in most put or circumstance.

Instance: “Te veo muy amanado en la fiesta” o “te veo bastante amanada en tu nueva casa” (EN) “we look at you very happy on function” or “we see you delighted inside new home”

Con mucho gusto

Another Colombian pleasantry that are complicated. During some other place it indicates ‘nice to generally meet one’ I going experiencing they right here from waitresses alongside service people once I thanked all of them.


Caliente will not simply mean beautiful but inaddition it implies freaky in Colombian jargon. I figured out this the difficult ways when your party companion decided not to recognize I had been expressing i used to be horny climate sensible.

Change: a sort friend only authored myself it had been because we explained estoy cliente and never tengo calor. Course learned.

Llevar a cabo una vaca

Even though this Colombian slang translates to making a cow. It’s not very far off.

The definition of “Hacer la vaca” or “Hagamos la vaca” represents gathering revenue among a few group for a particular intent.

Colombians do so a great deal to get meals, for trips, for activities, for birthdays, etc.

Situation: Hagamos una vaca para irnos de paseo el fin de semana. (En) Let’s pool the cash along to go on journey for weekend.


Should you wish to easily fit in you must drop ‘si’ begin making use of local talk.


Colombians like to marvel at cosmetics and bonita, hermosa, guapa and preciosa weren’t sawing it; you’ll usually discover these people make use of lindo/linda to descibe very points.


This could easily furthermore imply “Monkey” in Colombia is used considerably “mico o simio” to refer to a monkey.

Mono is employed a lot to relate to a gothic individual (it is known with love), extremely, should you be a foreigner and crazy, could discover a lot which they contact an individual “Mono” or “Mona” in the event you a woman.

Model: you are really in a local store and additionally they talk about “Que se votre ofrece mono” “exactly what do I do for your needs, blondie?


All approaches to declare one thing was cool although it seems that chimba trumps chevre exactly the same way brilliant trumps fun.

But watch out because chimba likewise describes feminine genitalia – although significantly good to view they at least appropriated it in a confident light.


Truly regularly involve an individual who is definitely friend, that like a twin and whos often through the happy times and terrible.

In Colombia pals in addition come to be a section of the household, although in Colombia fortunately they are quite welcoming plus they utilize parcero being even more helpful also to type in self-esteem.


Like our reduced expressions in french ‘por support’ becomes intolerable for all Colombians consequently it’s be porva. This was the sole jargon that frustrated myself because I cannot discover the verb in every dictionary.

Once we learned these I absolutely felt like there was taken your Spanish to another levels, however this is nowadays but later I’ll take Ecuador there might a completely new batch of construction to learn.


This name can involve a target, circumstance or action. As an example: “?Que problema con esa vaina!” or “Se dano esa vaina…”.

The french interpretation is actually “What a problem with that things!” or “That things is actually wrecked!…”

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